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Survivorship Bias and Understanding Your Data

In this post I'd like to share one of my favourite statistics-related stories. It is a story with a message that in hindsight seems so obvious, yet for many is not clear at the beginning. It is also a good reminder for all of us to check our assumptions when asking questions and to check if our conclusions match the scenarios we find ourselves in.

Written: June 2, 2021

Tags: statistics, mathematics, history

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Are you random? How Computers Generate Random Numbers from Non-Random Things

It turns out that being random is difficult for humans. If this is true, how can we expect our well-behaved computers to be random? I discuss a simple way in which computers generate "seemly" random numbers and conduct an experiment to see how random I am.

Written: May 12, 2021

Tags: statistics, mathematics, programming

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What Is Microtransit and What Is Its Role In Our Future?

(Macro)transit has served communities well, allowing numerous people to commute large distances in an effective manner. Yet there are still those that cannot access such services. This introduction post discusses how the combination of smaller vehicles and modern technology can connect the latter to macrotransit services.

Written: May 4, 2021

Tags: society, share-economy, transit

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Learning Django: Thoughts and Suggestions

Recalling the first few weeks learning Django, a web framework written in Python, and some resources and tips.

Written: March 11, 2021

Tags: web, django, coding

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A Break From Social Media, Being Present, and Unconstrained Optimization

We've all said "that's enough online time" yet we continue to news or social media sites. In this post I discuss taking a break from social media and changes I noticed in my day-to-day life.

Written: March 5, 2021

Tags: technology, well-being, social

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New Year, New Website

A new year and a new website design!

Written: February 12, 2021

Tags: code, web

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