Hello there.

Welcome to my webpage.

About Me

I'm currently finishing a Master's of computer science at the University of British Columbia located in Vancouver, Canada. I am a member of the Bioinformatics, Empirical, and Theoretical Algorithmic (BETA) lab and my supervisor is the wonderful Will Evans.

Before my time at UBC I completed an undergraduate honors degree at Brandon University where I double majored in mathematics and computer science. Here I worked with Chenkuan Li and Gautam Sriviastava on the use of generalized functions to define fractional derivatives and integrals and location prediction of Twitter users during the solar eclipse of 2017.

I also play guitar, snowboard, hike, and practice photography in my spare time.


I've got numerous projects on the go, some I intend to finish soon, others are on the back burner. Some of these include an online, data structures course in Java, using neural networks to encode data in low-dimensional space, and exploring the world of reinforcement learning. Even this website is a project where I'm learning both frontend and backend web development.

While I currently do not display them here, some of these are hosted in public repositories on my github page.

Contact me

Got a question, comment, or something interesting you'd like to talk about? Feel free to send me an email at contact@kyleclarkson.ca and we'll continue the conversation there!