Hello there! I’m Kyle, a 23 year old who is pursuing his Master’s of Computer Science degree at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. I am a member of the Bioinformatics and Empirical & Theoretical Algorithmic (BETA) lab, and I am supervised by the wonderful Will Evans.

For my thesis I am investigating a variant of the watchman route problem, where a watchman must see all sides of a polygon in the plane while traversing the shortest distance possible. In particular I’m currently investigating what should the watchman do when the polygon is not known in advance, and its structure is only learned by searching through the plane. This leads to developing an online algorithm (strategy) for the agent to use, where one hopes that the length of the route produced by the strategy is at most a constant multiple of the shortest watchman route! (That is, the length of the route created by the strategy is about the length of the optimal route, up to some multiple.)

I also enjoy exploring other research areas/problems when I can find the time. Like many others, I believe the continued research into artificial intelligence will only expand its reach into our everyday lives. Recently, I’ve become really interested in how methods from the area of reinforcement learning – where an agent learns what actions it should take given its observations of the environment – are used by agents to complete tasks, such as playing hide and seek or general tasks in games such as racing. Of particular interest to me is how these methods can be combined with techniques from optimal control to be employed by robotic agent’s in the real world for problems such as last-mile delivery and automated farming, among others.

Outside of The Lab

To get away from work I enjoy spending time outside. In the summer I like exploring Vancouver by cycling or jogging. My favourite part of British Columbia is journeying outside of the city for road trips and hikes within the mountains.

During winter I also like to get out of the city to snowboard and snow shoe! This past winter I tried out tele-skiing with the wonderful people of the VOC club at UBC and would love to continue with it next season!

Besides being active outside I’ve also been known to play guitar, practice photography, and game (all in the amateur fashion.)


University of British Columbia (2018-Present)

I am currently pursing a Master’s of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and intent to graduate in the Fall of 2020. During my time at UBC I’ve enrolled in courses that cover various topics such as advance and modern algorithm design and analysis, control theory, machine learning, and computer vision.

I have also developed an interest in teaching by assisting with undergraduate courses. While at UBC I have been a teaching assistant for courses CPSC 320: Intermediate Algorithm Design and Analysis and CPSC 322: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, and acted as head TA with my most recent involvements with each course. As a TA I was tasked with holding office hours, assisting with lectures, hosting tutorial sessions, and the creation of assignments.

Brandon University (2014-2018)

I completed an undergraduate honors degree at Brandon University (BU) where I double majored in mathematics and computer science. While at BU I worked with Chenkuan Li and Gautam Sriviastava on the use of generalized functions to define fractional derivatives and integrals and location prediction of Twitter users during the fall solar eclipse of 2017.