Published: August, 2020

Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry

Using competitive analysis, we present several competitive algorithms to externally inspect a convex polygon.

Published: May, 2019

Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing

Predicting the location of Twitter uses by analyzing Tweet content during the solar eclipse of 2017.

Published: June, 2018


Applying convolutions and products of distributions in the Schwartz sense to solve integral and differential equations using the Mattag-Leffler function.

Published: April, 2018

Advances in Analysis

Several definitions of convolutions in the distributional sense which lead to a natural definition of fractional derivatives.

Published: February, 2018


Applying Bobenko's approach and fractional integrals in distributions to solve Abel's integral equation of the second kind.

Published: November, 2017

Journal of Mathematics Research

Relations among convolutional definitions and fractional derivative of distributions.


Released: December, 2018

The use of several classification techniques to classify comments on reddit as being either sarcastic or not.