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Canola field in the Swan Valley

Hi, my name is Kyle Clarkson. I'm 24 and for nearly three years I have lived in Vancouver, British Columbia while I completed a graduate degree at the University of British Columbia. Yet home for me is hundreds of miles away in the quaint farming community of the Swan River Valley in Manitoba where most of my family currently lives.

Growing up in a rural community, I spent a lot of my time outdoors. These activities included camping, quading, snowmobiling, hunting, and fishing among others. I attended Swan River Regional Secondary School where I played football, rugby, and badminton.

I'm an Anishinaabeg Canadian and member of Pine Creek First Nation (boozhoo is a type of greeting), but my family also has its roots in other nations such as England, Ireland, and Norway. I even have ties back to the MacLean Clan of Scotland!


I attended Brandon University (2014-2018) in Brandon, Manitoba where I completed an honours degree majoring in mathematics and computer science. I had the privilege of working with Chenkuan Li and Gautam Sriviastava on the use of generalized functions to define fractional derivatives and integrals and location prediction of Twitter users during the solar eclipse of 2017 respectively.

I then moved out west where I recently finished a Master's of Science in computer science at the university of British Columbia. Working with the wonderful Will Evans in the Bioinformatics, Empirical, and Theoretical Algorithmic (BETA) lab , my thesis pertained to an improved competitive factor for a path finding problem related to the Watchman Route problem in computational geometry.

I also enrolled in courses that covered topics including human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced algorithms. My favourite part of my time as a graduate student was assisting students learn various topics as a teaching assistant for several courses.


Vancouver at night



Wedgemount lake near Whistler

I enjoy learning new things. This is in part what is so attractive about software development to me - there are always new frameworks, languages, and applications to learn! In an effort to expand my resume, I am currently solidifying my understanding of full-stack web development. I also enjoy learning history, namely 20th century history, and social problems we currently face.

When I can get away from my computer I like to spend my time outside walking, cycling, and hiking in the mountains with friends. These are great opportunities for me to practice my amateur photography skills (check out my Instagram or the images on this site.) In the winter time I also snowboard and ski!

Before the times of COVID19 I enjoyed discovering coffee shops, bars, and the hidden gems of Vancouver. I've also been known to play guitar, game, and draw when I can find the time.