Some Projects I've worked on,

or those currently in the works.

This Website

What better way to understand web development than to attach your very own website to the skills you learn? This is the third major version of this site wjhich has improved its front end and data management.

Built using Bootstrap5 and Javascript on the front and Django and Postgres on the backend. Hosted using AWS' Elastic Beanstalk and S3.

ACDGO Arch Server

A collaboration between ACDGO systems and the Brandon University computer science department, my classmates and I developed a system in which users could transfer files from their personal devices to a server located in their home or business, much how cloud services work today. This project occurred over an eight month period as an undergraduate and was my first experience with developing a "real" project.

Our prototype consisted of an Android app in which users would transfer files to their server that was powered by Apache's Tomcat framework written in Java.

For more coding projects, feel free to checkout my Github.