New Year, New Website

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New Year, New Website

Published February 12, 2021

Updated April 16, 2021

Hello, and welcome to my site. If you've been here before you'll notice it has changed in appearance once again. Lately, I've been diving deeper in web development, and what better way to practice ones understanding than deploying a project live!


This website is mostly powered by Django, a framework for creating websites in the Python coding language. It is a full stack framework, which allows the developer to maintain the front end (the appearance of the website; what you are viewing now) and the back end (the logic behind retrieving and submitting data from a database to the user of the website.)


While I've created many web projects that use Django before, this is the first time I've deployed a non-static webpage. It is in no way finished - in fact I'm working on additional features to it now. Once its more flushed-out I'll create a new post the goes deeper into the creation process and the many things I learn continue to learn.

Photo by Magda Ehlers

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